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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Ivory Coast/Abidjan - port activity returns to normal as curfew is imposed

Port activity at Abidjan is back to normal after a State of Emergency was declared earlier in the week.   A three-day curfew has been imposed on the country, following a failed coup, but no restrictions have been placed on vessel movements at Abidjan during the curfew.  News of the latest developments will be given as it emerges.

Source: GAC Athens Hub Agency Centre (for Africa)

USA/Houston – update on bridge damage

Further to our Weekly NEWS No. 01/2001, the following is the schedule:

11 January: Engineering plans completed.

26 January: Repairs to commence.

A work platform will be constructed under the bridge with sufficient clearance to preserve a ship’s draught of 35 feet.  During the first four (4) days of construction starting 26 January, the Channel will be closed to all vessel traffic at the bridge site.   This plan is regarded as realistic and conservative. The lanes will be narrowed down to one, which will lead into the Port of Houston Authority main Gate, and at the same time the Port of Houston Authority will keep other gates open for convenience and access.

Source: RioMar Agencies Inc., Houston