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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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INTERTANKO supports the Russian Maritime Pilots Association

This is an update of our article in Weekly NEWS No. 41 of 13 October 2000.   Regarding the situation in Novorossiysk, the Russian Maritime Pilots Association (RMPB) has commented as follows:


16 October 2000 the licence of the Port Authority employed pilots (governmental) at Novorossiysk was recalled by the Ministry of Transport till 06 February 2001 due to their infringements of the antimonopoly legislation (port authorities prevented licensed RMPA pilots to do the job), as claimed by the RMPA.  As a result RMPA pilots were permitted to commence working at the port of Novorossiysk.

Respectively, the port authorities’ pilots do not work at the port of Novorossiysk since 16 October 2000.  Since this time the Port Authority illegally collected the pilotage dues and did not pay the RMPA pilots actually performing the pilotage.  Hence, professional RMPA pilots in Novorossiysk now operate and live on the money collected by all other RMPA members in order to support them.

The RMPA continues to struggle to provide and maintain their services in Novorossiysk, which is of a high international standard.


During the occasional winter storms restricting operations at the Port of Novorossiysk, however, the port has been closed for 10 days so far this winter.  Although the RMPA pilots were prepared and willing to operate based on their professional judgement, their services were banned during this period by the Port Authority.

As the governmental pilots will resume their full service as from 06 February 2001, the RMPA pilots may again face a complete or partial ban on their services by the Port Authority in Novorossiysk. 

In their drive to de-privatise the pilotage in Russia, the Russian authorities should consider the following worldwide general efforts (also within European Union) to:

  1. Open markets, and create free and fair competition between and within ports.
  2. Monopoly situations/dominant positions should not be abused and where at all possible should be eliminated.
  3. Services should only be paid for when actually used.
  4. No compulsory use of services except for named and agreed safety risk assessed cases.
  5. Prices must be fair and transparent.
  6. There should be no flag or other discrimination.

INTERTANKO will keep members advised regarding any development.  Enquiries may be directed to

INTERTANKO pushes for settlement of the additional pilotage charges in Maracaibo

Referring to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 3 of 19 January, INTERTANKO’s letter to the Minister of Infrastructure has resulted in an invitation to local agents to attend a meeting at the Ministry in Caracas.

However, at this stage a final solution with a positive result for owners cannot be taken for granted.  INTERTANKO will advise its members of any result in due time.  Any enquiries can be addressed to