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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Port Issues

INTERTANKO supports the Russian Maritime Pilots Association

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 04, the Russian Maritime Pilots Association (RMPA) has provided a report which summarises the events since the government started its drive to de-privatise the pilotage service in Russia with Novorossiysk as a ‘test port’.  To view the articles please click

The report gives rise to concern both for the safety of Russian ports and with regard to a legal consideration in connection with the anti-monopoly legislation.  General enquiries about this issue can be sent to Capt Steinar Digre on e-mail 

US/Long Island Sound – standby pilotage causes shortage at Northport and Tosco/Riverhead platforms

We have been informed that an occasional shortage of pilots may occur as a consequence of special requirements regarding pilot services in the Long Island Sound.

Docking is only permitted if the wind is below 25 knots.  Pumping is also shut down if the wind becomes too strong.  Once a pilot has docked a vessel at the terminal the pilot is ordered by the terminal to stand by the vessel at the expense of the shipping company regardless of weather conditions.  Such standby can in some cases last for days.

Our members are well advised to observe that pilotage may not be immediately available to the ship upon arrival at the pilot station, and that waiting time for such service should count as laytime or time on demurrage. (See article on pilotage tariffs under PORT COSTS)

Sources: Long Island Sound State Pilots Association, Inc., East Haven; Worldscale Association (NYC), Inc. New York