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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


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INCIDENT ALERT – grounding in approach channel

During transit recently a tanker ran aground in the three month old dredged channel at Zhanjiang, China between buoys Nos. 3/4 and 5/6.  During the incident the vessel was proceeding at a reasonable speed with a pilot on board.

The Master indicated that the pilots were aware of other groundings in the channel., the A previous incident also had involved a tanker having with a draught of 11.90 m.

The channel is has been dredged through a seabed bank with previous depths of 5 to 9 m.  The width is about 140 metreser, and the bottom is reported to be sandy.  The channel does not appear on BA charts. 

This report indicates that tankers transiting this channel should exercise a high degree of caution.  Provided own experience or knowledge is at hand, INTERTANKO kindly requests our membership to report any incidents known to themofit to the Secretariat mail to