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Monday, October 15, 2018


At its last meeting in London on 15 March 2001, the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC), under the Chairmanship of Dr. Nikos Mikelis of Lyras Shipping, have agreed on a number of specific items which Owners and the Class Society of each ship could release to interested parties.  ISTEC took into account that the EU Council has agreed to define “transparency” by adding an additional article of the EU Directive on Class as follows:


“The recognised organisations shall provide all relevant information to all Member States administrations which have granted any of the authorisations provided for in Article 3 and to the Commission about their classed fleet, transfers, changes, suspensions and withdrawals of class, irrespective of the flag the vessels fly. Information on transfers, changes, suspensions, and withdrawals of class, including information on all overdue surveys, overdue recommendations, OVERDUE conditions of class, operating conditions or operating restrictions issued against their classed vessels – irrespective of the flag the vessels fly – shall also be communicated to the Sirenac information system for Port State Control inspections and shall be published on the website, if any, of these recognised organisations.”


ISTEC are recommending to the INTERTANKO Council to support and adopt the EU definition of “transparency” provided that the correction indicated by capital letters is implemented.

In addition ISTEC has recommended to the Council that INTERTANKO members agree that Class makes available specific information from the normal operations on their ships. ISTEC also agreed that this information should be made available to interested parties, such as PSC, and Flag States.

ISTEC are also recommending that efforts should be made to encourage owners to release relevant data in case of a major incident/accident on one of their ships. ISTEC will forward a list of such information for the Council approval.

ISTEC also recommends that “transparency” should include information on the activities of Class itself such as:

  • Transparency of the survey process (traceability of decision making by Class)
  • IACS assessment of its members’ procedures when involved in major accidents

 An earlier recommendation by ISTEC proposed that Class should also provide better information from an Early Warning System (EWS) by:

  • Sharing of technical experiences between Class Societies
  • More open circulation of adverse experiences even outside Class Societies.

ISTEC would also like to see Class assisting owners with the inclusion in a new building contract of a standard clause, which would allow the owners to have full access to the technical information communicated between the shipyard and the class during the building period. There is no reason why owners should not have such access as long as both class and shipyard provide ships manufactured to the standards required by the contract.

The INTERANKO Council will be invited at its meeting in Sydney on 25 April to endorse these recommendations.