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Saturday, September 22, 2018


INTERTANKO is concerned over the rising trend of piracy which threatens the lives of crews and safe operation of ships. At the Sydney Tanker Event 2001, one session has been dedicated to this increasing problem in national and international waters. The session will be moderated by Mr Alan Chan, Chairman of Petroships Pte Ltd in Singapore.

We would like to encourage our members to increase their preparedness. Not only by strong vigilance, but also proper ship security plans and training of crews. The use of firearms is strongly discouraged, however we urge our members to report incidents to the appropriate authorities so that states can act swiftly and effectively on such attacks.

As a truly effective response cannot be achieved without mutual coordination and cooperation among governments, their respective maritime police authorities and regional coast guard agencies, INTERTANKO would also like to see a legal framework developed between governments to facilitate and enhance effective prosecution of criminals.

These issues will be addressed at the session on Piracy with presentations on the following topics:

* An overview of piracy problem – a global update by Capt Jayant Abhyankar, International Maritime Bureau

* Piracy and its legal implications – by Mr Lim Tean, Rajah & Tann

* Transnational and organised crime involvement in maritime piracy - by Lt Col Tim Spicer OBE, Trident

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