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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Gathering in London for its eleventh meeting on 15 March, the Environmental Committee had another full agenda.  This included the selection of Dott. Paolo d’Amico (d’Amico Soc. di Navagazione S.p.A. as the new Committee Chairman which will be put forward to the Council for endorsement at the Sydney AGM in April.

The Committee reviewed the policy issues covering five main environmental matters, namely; ballast water management, port reception facilities, ship recycling, anti-fouling paints and the use of tagging in fuel and cargo oils.   The Committee agreed to focus attention on: the encouragement of anonymous reporting of problems with reception facilities; legal problems associated with the enforcement for the new TBT Convention; practicalities of using the new hazardous materials inventory and Code of Practice for ship recycling; and the continuing work on promoting alternatives to ballast water exchange and encouraging regional and local regulators to align their legislation with developments at the international level.

The Committee also discussed other pertinent industry issues including green house gas emissions, work with environmental organisations, operational discharges into the sea and also the development of a Guide to implement Environmental Management Systems in tanker companies. The latter is now into its second draft with an aim for completion by the beginning of the summer.