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Friday, October 19, 2018


With reference to Weekly NEWS No. 16, 20 April and our report on the meeting in which it was erroneously stated that ‘ClassNK will not accept tankers older than 15 years. Thus, it would appear that ClassNK would perform the CAP programme either on younger tankers than the other class societies do or on tankers which are not classed by ClassNK.’

We wish to correct this statement as requested by ClassNK. They reported that they would never reject a tanker based solely on the ship’s age being over 15 years, on the contrary, one function of the CAP program is to certify the condition of tankers regardless of age. It is natural that older tankers will be subject to closer scrutiny. ClassNK classed tanker fleet includes aged, but high standard tankers, including several over 15 years old.