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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


INTERTANKO were invited to meet with the Paris MOU advisory board in Brugge 9 May 2001. A more detailed report will be included in the Weekly NEWS next week.  In brief, the advisory board consisted of approximately 50 European Port State Control representatives and also included the USCG and the Tokyo MOU. The decision by the advisory board to invite Industry representatives to attend had been welcomed by INTERTANKO. The main purpose was to enable PSC to gain a better insight to the perceptions and problems encountered by Industry and pursue closer working relationships. Topics discussed included
  • Transparency of information - both from Ship owners and the PSC
  • Quality rewards to quality ship owners.
  • Naming the charterer when the vessel is detained
  • A common targeting system of sub-standard vessels within all the PSC.
  • The need for a common appeals procedure against detentions
  • INTERTANKO quality membership criteria in particular the monitoring of detentions
  • The grading of detentions to indicate their severity
  • The removal of a detention when the vessel was not actually detained - such as when the deficiency is corrected within the vessels usual port stay time.
  • Access to PSC inspection reports on a "as required basis" by INTERTANKO
  • The effects of STCW95 and certification fraud

The discussions and points raised by INTERTANKO were well received and the general outcome of the meeting was positive.