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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Italy makes U-turn on single-hull tanker ban

After having banned all single-hull tankers from entering the Venice Lagoon as from 15 February 2001, heated discussions on the consequences of an expanded ban in such ports as Trieste, Ravenna, Brindisi, Augusta, Gela, Cagliari, Leghorn and Genoa have continued during the past weeks.  Arguments have been focused on the effect of rendering unworkable some 60-70% of the tankers lifting oils and chemicals to and from Italian ports, and the repercussions on supply and on tanker freights.

As per the latest developments, the Italian government has made a dramatic U-turn after heavy opposition, and has delivered a tuned-down charter which will introduce the phase-out of pre-Marpol single-hull tankers four years ahead of the IMO phase-out agreement.  The package is said to include  voluntary measures aiming to guarantee better protection of the marine environment.

An agreement has now been signed, involving The Ministry of Environment, The Ministry of Transport and Navigation and the ports associations, the Industrialists Association, The Shipowners Association, The Shore Terminal Association, The Oil Company Association and the Federation of Chemists, the WWF Italy and the Environment League.  It refers to a postponement of the restrictions to later dates in Italian ports but it excludes the area of Venice, where the present Directive remains in force.  Changes may, however, be introduced in the near future. 

Please click here to view the “Hypothesis of Voluntary Agreement (14.5 KB)

Source: Hugo Trumpy Group, Genoa/Ship owners

UAE – Federal Environment Law has been applied

Having caught several ships taking advantage of the oil slick from the sinking of “ZAINAB” off Jebel Ali on 14 April 2001 to dump their own oily water overboard, the Dubai Municipality for Environment and Public Health Affairs has applied the UAE Federal Environmental Law to this case.  It is, however, still unclear if it will be fully applied.

We ask our readers to observe the following articles:

Article (24)

1. The owner of the vessel, its master or any person in charge thereof, those in charge of   the tankers located within the ports or the marine environment of the State and also the officers in the corporations operating in oil production, shall inform, immediately and according to the procedures stipulated under the executive regulations, the ports authorities, the border and the coast guards and the other Competent Authorities of any leak accident of oil as soon as it occurs and shall state the circumstances of the accident

and the procedures that have been taken to intercept the leak or to control it.

2.  In all events, the ports' authorities, the coast and boarder guards should inform the Environment Authority and the relevant parties of all the information in respect of the above-mentioned accident as soon as it occurs.

Article (73)

Anyone violating the provisions of Articles 24 and 26 of this Law shall be sentenced to imprisonment for one year at least and a minimum fine of AED 100,000 and a maximum of AED 500,000.

Source: Gulf Agency Co. (Dubai) L.L.C., Dubai