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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Egypt/Port Said – environmental fines

The Chairman of Port Said General Port Authority has issued the following circular dated 2 April 2001:

Please be informed that Port Said General Port Authority shall impose the following immediate obligatory fines toward vessels that contravene the environmental regulations, while berthing alongside quays in Port Said port.

Such fines are considered symbolic in case of occurrence for the first time, but in the event of reiteration by the same vessel, the executive rules of the Environment Protection Law No. 4/1994 and the MARPOL Convention regulations shall be put into force.

List of immediate fines against following actions:

  • Immediate fine of L.E. 3000 upon:
  • Throwing garbage on quay or sea port surface. 
  • (B+C) Performance of either painting of shipping/scraping ship’s sides or deck. 
  • Immediate fine of L.E. 5000 for performance of welding or cutting on to ship’s hull or on deck, besides confiscation of the utilised tools.
  • Immediate fine of L.E. 20 per M2 to remove the affected whole polluted area in case of spilling ballast water and/or drainage blue water in port.
  • Immediate fine of L.E. 250 for each mooring line not fitted with rats’ guard fender.

Fines shall be settled on the spot and before the ship’s departure.

Source: Worms Port Said (A.R.E.), Port Said