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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Further to the Weekly News article published on 9 March regarding the implementation of mandatory ballast water requirements for Australia, a copy of the Ballast Water Decision Support System (DSS) application form can be downloaded by clicking the following link – Ballast Water Decision Support System 

The form will have to be filed in order to be registered with the Australian authorities so that the vessel can be entered into the DSS database. A username and password will then be issued for use by Masters when communicating their intent to discharge ballast in Australian waters. This procedure will have to be carried out on each  voyage. With the information provided the DSS will assess whether the vessel should carry out ballast water exchange at sea prior to discharging ballast in Australian waters.

Further information on this system can be gained from the Australian Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry web site or by contacting Tim Wilkins on e-mail