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Thursday, October 18, 2018


  • Brazil – planned power cut
  • Indonesia – general agency rules to change
  • Nigeria/Escravos – strike hits terminal
  • USA/Houston – ship channel draught restriction
  • Brazil – planned power cut

    Further to Weekly NEWS No. 22, Brazil has postponed the start of the planned power cuts due to electrical shortage until July because all sectors of society are cutting consumption, but the situation is hitting foreign trade where exports were already falling.  Some exporters have already warned their clients that deliveries will be delayed, which will mean fewer vessels in Brazilian ports for the rest of the year.  The government intends to soften the blow by encouraging the import of used power generators for industry and commerce.

    Source: Fairplay o8 June 2001

    Indonesia – general agency rules to change

    It was confirmed on 5 June 2001 by the Indonesian Seacommunication authorities to the Shipowners Association (INSA) that revised rules relating to the activity of general agents for ocean going vessels (PB82) will be applied from 5 October 2001. Under these rules only Indonesian shipping companies, who own and operate vessels with a total capacity of 5,000 GT and above under Indonesian flag, will be allowed to act as general agent for vessels calling at Indonesian ports.

    Only these companies will be able to register vessels with the authorities and receive the PKKA clearance required for them to leave Indonesian waters after loading/discharging.

    Information from INSA indicates only a total of 103 companies out of the present 892 qualify for the new regulation.

    Source: Gulf Agency Company Hot Port News

    Nigeria/Escravos – strike hits terminal

    Operations at Escravos terminal have been suspended as a result of a strike called by indigenous workers, it was reported 12 June 2001.

    Source: Gulf Agency Company Hot Port News

    USA/Houston – ship channel draught restriction

    A draught restriction of 38 feet fresh water has been implemented with immediate effect due to shoaling in the Houston Ship Channel between the Exxon power lines and dock nos. 1 and 2.

    Source: Moran-Gulf Shipping Agency, Houston