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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Teekay Shipping have discovered a better way to exchange ballast water at sea. The new process is safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A patent has been obtained in Japan and the US and a worldwide patent application has been filed.

With an increasing number of countries and regions implementing mandatory ballast water exchange regulations and the technology for the tanker owner to treat ballast water in its infancy, the use of ballast water exchange at sea is still the only option available. With only three ballast water exchange alternatives being used a fourth concept is long overdue. Teekay Shipping have been the instigators of this fourth option which was launched last week through their internal magazine.

The approach by Teekay Shipping is based on a basic principle of fluid dynamics which uses the vessels progress through the water to force the clean ocean water through the ballast tanks. As a passive process, this means that no pumping is required and that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. Should the process transfer effectively to full-scale practice then it will certainly be an option that allays many of the fears regarding ship stability and stress loadings that current exchange procedures cause. More details on the concept are found in Teekay’s own summary of the design. Click here to download a copy of the description.

INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee will look further at the practicalities and environmental effectiveness of the design as more details are received. In the meantime Teekay Shipping plan to proceed with full-scale trials on vessels in their fleet. For further information, please contact Tim Wilkins on e-mail