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Thursday, September 20, 2018


The Editorial Board of EQUASIS – comprising representatives of European and International shipping industry associations, including INTERTANKO – met in Brussels this week. This Board serves as an advisory group to the Management Unit as well as providing comments, as appropriate, to the recommendations of the Supervisory Committee.  This was its third meeting since the inception of EQUASIS last year. The meeting reviewed the latest usage statistics, recent developments and future plans. Over the past 12 months the number of active users has almost tripled with a steady increase from the business sectors; charterers, insurers, brokers, banks, etc. now representing approximately one third of the total.  Somewhat disappointing, however, is the fact that the predominant usage is still within Europe and the USA and extra efforts are to be devoted to the promotion of the system in other regions.

The number of complaints/queries on the data recorded has been dropping steadily, although there are still serious concerns that there have been erroneous recordings of class suspensions and new procedures are being introduced to address these.  It was also noted that complaints regarding information relating to port state control were still taking a considerable time to resolve.

Members are certainly encouraged to check the site regularly and to verify the information both in respect of their ships and their management. In the event of errors being found please contact Philippe Marchand by e-mail :  

Should members have comments on how the complaints/error correction procedures operate in practice please contact Peter Swift by e-mail:

As regards future developments, ITF have lobbied hard for information from their database, e.g. personnel claims, agreements, to be included on the site and this now seems likely from next year despite several reservations and some direct opposition from the shipowners’ representatives. CDI and SIRE information will also be available via the site for those Governments who sign the appropriate confidentiality clauses.

For those not familiar with EQUASIS it has been developed by the European Commission and the French Maritime Administration to make available on the Internet safety-related information on the world-wide fleet of ships from both public and private sources. Access is currently free to any user. Further details are available on the EQUASIS website