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Monday, October 15, 2018


The senior principals of the Round Table Group, Michael Everard of BIMCO, Rolf Westfal-Larsen of ICS, Frederick Tsao of Intercargo and Lars Carlsson of INTERTANKO, together with their chief executives, recently met to review the common issues and concerns and re-affirmed their commitment to continuing the process of increased co-operation among their Associations on common areas of their respective work programmes.

Examples of such subjects currently include:

·         Joint Industry Association / IACS Council discussions on developments in classification and programmes for change

·         Activities supporting the development of Industry Guidelines and a Code of Practice for Ship Recycling

·         Continuing engagement and support for recent initiatives to develop guidelines and implementation plans for “places of refuge”

·         Programmes for co-ordinated international action against piracy attacks, including the naming of those countries that harbour these criminals and the organisations they represent.

Other issues discussed were i.a. shipbuilding capacity, flag states, transparency and classification societies, and IACS.

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Contact: Peter Swift