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Monday, October 15, 2018


The INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum held its 10th meeting in Athens on 19 September. Mr. Erric Kertsikoff delegated the chairmanship of this meeting to the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum Vice Chairman Mr. Nick Fistes.

A total of 40 representatives from Greece and Cyprus were present. Also participating was a representative from the Union of Greek Shipowners, Capt. John H.C.G Panopoulos. Present from INTERTANKO were Dr. Peter Swift, Mr. Dragos Rauta, Mr. Tim Wilkins, Ms. Donna M. Tang-de Leon and Dr. Timothy Gunner.

The INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum had screened the applications of two Greek companies applying for membership, namely, Allseas Marine SA and Pioneer Tankers Shipping. The Forum agreed to recommend their applications to the Council for approval.

The Managing Director gave a brief report on INTERTANKO’s current activities covering:

*  EU and IMO work on post Erika Packages

*  Port State Control/detentions

*  Technical, marine and environmental programmes

*  Ports and Terminals, Insurance, Legal

In addition he reported on last week’s meeting of the North American Panel and meeting with the USCG. This had been a good opportunity to not only review but also co-ordinate the activities of the INTERTANKO regional panels with further active participation by the membership in INTERTANKO’s agenda.

From the meeting agenda, several items were addressed specifically with the following recommendations given:

Newbuildings - It was agreed that INTERTANKO would address this complex issue and take action to make members aware of the aspects related to newbuilding standards, and the relationship between class and shipyards, including the warranty period, each of which potentially needed reassessment.

Bosphorous and Dardanelles Straits - It has been recommended that INTERTANKO approach OCIMF and some of the oil companies to try to initiate a joint effort to seek better communication with the Turkish Authorities on safe transit through the Straits.

Environmental Aspects – The meeting discussed specific items on the INTERTANKO environmental programme, particularly those of anti-fouling, new legislation and VOC emissions from tankers. These were further expanded at a Seminar arranged by INTERTANKO in conjunction with the Forum meeting (see next article).

Contact: Dragos Rauta