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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


China/Maoming (Shuidong) - pipeline repairs

Further to Weekly NEWS No. 37 of 14 September regarding the explosion, the first phase of repairs to pipelines has been completed. Four shore tanks with their pipes have been repaired and tested. The first VLCC was due to berth 20 September. It is anticipated that the discharge operation will take longer than normal. Repairs to the eight remaining tanks were scheduled for completion by 23 September, when operations are expected to be back to normal.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

China/Shanghai - control of chemical ships to tighten

Due to China's National Day holiday on 1 October and the APEC meeting to be held later that month, the control of liquid chemical vessels entering Shanghai Huangpu River will be tightened as follows:

1/ From 1600 hours 30 September to 0800 hours 4 October, and 16 to 22 October, all terminals along the Huangpu River are not allowed to load/discharge.

2/ The receivers should apply for special permission from the Harbour Master 7 days prior to the holiday in case the cargo is urgently needed.

3/ Terminals in the Huangpu River are: Huarongda - Gaoqiao Chemical - Shanghai Solvent - Wujing Chemical - Wujing Coke - White Cat - Shanghai Chlor Alkali.

4/ For vessels calling at terminals outside the Huangpu River, the terminal should also submit an application to the Harbour Master for approval.

5/ Terminals located outside the Huangpu River: Oriental (Dong Fang) - Dove Chemical - Shidongkou.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

Panama Canal - modifications to PC/UMS Net Tonnage Certificate

The Panama Canal Authority (PCA) boarding officers have recently reported that some classification societies have made minor corrections to the PC/UMS Net Tonnage Certificate for transiting vessels such as changes in name, call sign, flag, etc. PC/UMS Net Tonnage Certificate may only be altered by the PCA.

The practice of altering these certificates, with or without the Classification Society's seal and/or stamp, is unacceptable to the PCA. These unauthorised modifications are grounds for the PCA invalidating the vessel's current PC/UMS Net Tonnage Certificate, and as a consequence having to issue a new certificate at the standard re-issue charge of USD 30.00.

Sources: Barwil Agencies S.A., Panama City

UAE/Mina Al Fahal - berthing prospects

As from 19 September berthing prospects for vessels will be advised only after the vessel has arrived at Mina Al Fahal. The master will be advised of the same on establishing VHF communication with the terminal upon arrival. All agents have made representation to the terminal in order to get this relaxed. However, no significant changes have been reported. INTERTANKO will advise members as information is received.

Source: Barber Dubai Shipping Agencies Co. (L.L.C.), Dubai/Barwil, Muttrah