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Friday, October 19, 2018


This document addresses and provides information for vessels' officers that should assist them in their decision making when undertaking operations with respect to:

- Vapour pressure release from tankers
- Minimising the impact of vapour or sludge on cargo operations with a fully laden crude oil tanker.

The objectives of this document are to provide tanker officers with some operationally useful methods and information that can assist with a more effective and efficient manner of transporting and handling crude oil cargoes so that:

- less of the more difficult types of crude oils cargo remain on board a tanker after discharge,
- whilst with the other types of the more volatile crude oils less is lost to the atmosphere during its transportation.

The methods described are generalised but will provide indications of the expected behavioural characteristics of a specific crude oil type so that operational decision making may be better directed towards transportation and discharge operations.

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