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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Colombian registration / Decree 804

INTERTANKO has received input from various sources, including some of its members, that Colombia is about to implement a Decree calling for imminent registration of all ships planning to trade to Colombian ports.  INTERTANKO considers that the planned registration would bring no apparent benefits to tanker operators but, on the other hand, would add considerable confusion, paper work, formalities and thus unnecessary extra cost.

INTERTANKO has sent a request to the Colombian Ministry of Transport, and we understand that some form of reaction may be expected fairly soon

Sources: Protected

Members will be kept updated.

Contact: Gunnar Knudsen  

UN lifts sanctions against Sudan

The United Nations has issued a press release reporting that the Security Council has lifted economic sanctions against Sudan. U.S. economic sanctions are not affected by this action.  Companies engaged in trade with both Sudan and the USA are advised to exercise caution in order to avoid inadvertent violation of U.S. law.

Source: Haight Gardner Holland& Knight, Washington D.C.