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Friday, October 19, 2018


Canada/Juan de Fuca - enhanced security reporting

In line with the US Coast Guard (USCG) enhanced safety requirements in USA in the aftermath of the terrorist attack, and with the intention of extending the advance notice of arrival, the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia (CSBC) has been in contact with the USCG and Transport Canada in order to obtain a clear stipulation of the requirements and to ascertain how CSBC can assist members.  CSBC is pursuing the matter urgently and will provide further information. INTERTANKO will keep members updated.

Source: The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia, Vancouver B. C 

China/Jiangyin - operations resume after collision

Further to Weekly NEWS No. 38 of 21 September, cargo operations have resumed at the Liaohe terminal nearly two weeks after operations ceased due to damage caused by a ship collision. Special permission from the Jiangyin Harbour Master is still required for vessels calling at the terminal.  Repairs to the damaged pipelines are expected to be completed in about a month's time.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

Correction to article in Weekly NEWS No. 39 of 21 September

Mina Al Fahal was listed as situated in UAE, whereas the correct country should read Oman. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Italy/Genoa - sea tower operations interrupted

Further to Weekly NEWS No. 38 of 21 September, the tower is still inoperative as work  is still in progress and expected to last until the end of October 2001.

Source: Hugo Trump Group, Genoa

Venezuela/Lake Maracaibo - channel restrictions

The following information has been received:
As from 26 September most of the channel has two-way traffic.

1/ Following restrictions substitute Circular No. 008/2001 of 17 June 2001.

2/ According to ZAPARA (MALECON) Mareography max sailing restrictions remain as per 008/2001:

  • 37'03" high water;
  • 35'03"  half tide;
  • 33'03" low water.

3/ There will be one-way traffic between buoys B13/B14 and buoys T33/T34.  From buoys T33/T34 towards the south, the navigation will continue both directions.

4/ The entrance to Lake Maracaibo is prohibited for vessels that exceed any of the following parameters:

  • Beam: 45.64 m;
  • LOA:  262 m;
  • SDWT:  115,00 mt.

5/ Vessels with beam over 35.5 m will transit the channel only one way at a time, between buoy "EM" (seabouy) and buoys B61/B62. However, an outbound vessel wil have priority.

6/ For scheduling purposes agents must inform the traffic control centre a minimum of 12 hours in advance of any vessel scheduled for entrance/sailing having a beam more than 35.5 m.

7/ Priority for outbound vessels is maintained for scheduling and traffic control.

8/ Max arrival (entry) draught is 33'03".

9/ Towing units must be capable of maintaining a towing speed of min 6 knots.

Source:  Vinodol, C.A., Maracaibo