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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Argentine/Necochea – port tariffs

Effective from 1 December 2001 the following amended/updated tariff scale will be applicable  covering Port Permanence Dues and Dredging/Toll Dues:


USD 0.252/NT x  NT x port permanence days.


USD 0,14 x draught factor x NT factor x gross metric tonnes of cargo loaded/discharged/transhipped.

DRAUGHT FACTORS:                    NT FACTOR:

Draught             Factor                 NT                           Factor
Up to 30’           -  1.00                Up to 5,000               -  1.0
30’01” – 33’      -  1.03                 5,001 – 10,000         -  1.1
33’01” – 36’      -  1.07                 10,001 – 17,000       -  1.2
over 36’01”       -  1.10                 over 17,001              -  1.3

Source: Agencia Marítima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires

China – port tariff revision

According to the government directive issued by the Ministry of Communications, the following adjustments will be made to the present tariff with effect from 1 January 2002:

  1. The present 20% port fee premium for intra-regional service vessels will be abandoned.
  2. Port authorities should not request QDA or any form of dispatch agreements with liner carriers. For non-liner calls, QDA might be arranged, but only on a free will basis. 
  3. The container handling fees will be increased by 15%. 
  4. The tug hire rate will be increased by 5%. 
  5. The berthage will be increased by 15%. 
  6. Each and every port authority may, according to local conditions and situations, grant a reasonable discount to ship owners on items such as pilotage, shifting fees, pilot waiting time fees, mooring, berth and towage.

Source: Gulf Agency Company (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong