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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Brazil/Paranagua - operations after grounding of vessel

A tanker loaded with naphtha ran aground in the main channel about 3 nautical miles from the Petrobras pier at Paranagua. This caused an interruption to operations.

It is planned to transfer the cargo to another tanker, which operation is expected to take a minimum of 8 hours commencing 24 October. The pilot service, however, was normalised 20 October. Otherwise operations at the port are running normally.

However the bunker (fuel oil) supply service at Paranagua has not yet been restored, as the barges are engaged in the rescue operations. The barges may be released 25 October pending Petrobras approval.

Source: MARCON Ltda., Paranagua

Libya - age limitation

The Libyan Marine Transport Authority has again extended Decree No. 404 1993 until 31 December 2001. Therefore tankers can call at a Libyan port until then normally without obtaining over age exemption.

Source: Worms Services Maritimes, Paris

Oman - security precautions concerning visas

No particular port restrictions have been implemented at ports in Oman. However, due to the WTO conference to be hosted in November, the State of Qatar is restricting the issuing of the following visas from 15 October to 15 November 2001:Sea Men Visa, Shore Leave, Tourist/Family Visa, Qatar Air Line Visa, GCC Visa, Visa on Arrival, Transit Visa to hotels, Visa for training pilots.

Source: Barwil Middle East Hub Newsletter No. 19

Pakistan/Karachi - port declared restricted area

The port of Karachi has been declared a Restricted Area and is protected by Karachi Port Trust Watch & Ward along with the local police and the marines. Ships alongside piers are under strict security, and only registered stevedores/dock workers are being allowed entrance. Activities at the anchorage are being constantly monitored by air and naval patrols.

Source: GAC Hot Port News

CORRECTION to Singapore - new immigration regulations invalidated

With reference to the article in Weekly NEWS No. 42 of 19 October, Singapore Immigration & Registration (SIR) has advised that there has been no change in the criteria for granting Advance Immigration Clearance for arriving vessels. The criteria remain as laid down in the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore's Port Circular dated 21 July 1997:

Web link:

Source: Singapore Immigration & Registration/Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

USA/Houston and Port Arthur - crew list requirement

The Houston Service Port recently issued a Trade Bulletin requiring crew lists to accompany the CF 3171 notice of arrival. The Port Arthur Customs office does not require the crew/passenger list with the CF 3171. Please continue to furnish the crew/passenger list (I-418) to the Port Arthur INS office. Source: G. M. Richards Enterprises, Inc., Houston