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Friday, October 19, 2018


The importance of a good port agent

Reference is made to our article "Calling Alexandria" in Weekly News No. 47/01. Kindly see our rewritten version below which contains all the information relevant to this incident:

INTERTANKO feels obliged to inform that an INTERTANKO member has waited in vain since December 1998 for a final Disbursements Account for a call at Alexandria during December 1998. Consequently, the USD 26,000 advanced to the agent has to this day still not been properly accounted for.

INTERTANKO has managed to contact the agent, Sealand Shipping Services, Alexandria, who advised that the D/A was initially sent "in 1999" and that "due to a bad accident in our main office last year which destroyed some of our stored documents", they would endeavour to compile a new set of documents. The owner and INTERTANKO have now waited a further month for the new set of documents to arrive, or for an update on the situation, but to no avail. INTERTANKO members are, in light of the above, well advised to bear the above information in mind when planning future calls at Alexandria.

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