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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Iran - drilling platforms positioned

Mariners are informed that according to Iranian Ports & Shipping Organisation Notice to Mariners No. 11/2001 the following drilling platforms/positions have been established in the Gulf:

1/ Drilling Platform "Maersk Valyant" in position: 28 30.0 N, 049 43.0 E
2/ Drilling Platform "DF - 5" in position: 29 56.0 N, 049 41.0 E
3/ Drilling Platform "Shahid Modares" in position: 28 37.2 N, 049 38.0 E
4/ Drilling Platform "Shahid Rajaee" in position: 25 42.6 N, 054 27.1 E
5/ Drilling Platform "Alvand" in position: 25 40.0 N, 054 17.1 E

Charts effected: BA 2837 and 2847.
Source: BlueCalm Marine Services, Tehran

USA/Portland (MA) - visa regulations

The US Immigration authorities will no longer issue visa waivers in the port of Portland, Maine. No crew changes will be permitted for any crew that does not hold a valid U.S. visa when entering the port.

The Immigration authorities have advised that this is a nation-wide regulation, but no final confirmation has yet been received by INTERTANKO. We will notify members of any changes.

Source: Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc., Portland (MA)

Brazilian Health Authorities fine vessel for date expired 'stores'

As you may be aware, the Brazilian Health authorities have been fining vessels for having date expired 'stores' on board. A member's vessel called at Rio de Janeiro a few days ago. The Master ensured that all provisions and medicines were not date expired and destroyed any date expired items prior to arrival. Nevertheless the vessel was fined US$800 for expired first aid equipment. The port health inspectors found the following in the hospital all dated earlier than 12/01

the rubber gloves were dated 1997
2 boxes band aid plasters
1 pack suture removal kit (plastic tweezers and scissors)
2 pairs rubber gloves
1 pack of eye patches
1 plastic cup
1 syringe applicator

Contact: Gunnar Knudsen

Source: Protected