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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The local Harbour Master's Offices at the ports of Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Ancona have advised that a concentrated Port State Control (PSC) Inspection Campaign, aimed at the inspection of the structural safety of oil tankers more than 15 years old and over 3000 GT, will be carried out between 27 May and 31 October 2002.

Qualified PSC officers will perform the inspections.

Vessels scheduled for inspection will receive written advice from the respective Harbour Master's Office 48 hours prior to arrival in port.

In addition to the standard Port State Control inspection, during the campaign period, activity will include entry into a ballast tank, which must be prepared for inspection before the ship's arrival.

All possible efforts will be made to avoid delay to the ship and the inspection will be carried out either at roads or at berth during ullaging and before start of discharge.

Ballast tank entry will be preceded by a port chemist authorisation, carried out in accordance with the safety rules, under ship's procedures, and coordinated with the ship. The chemist fees will be charged to the Owners/Operators.

During the concentrated inspection campaign period, the inspection of a tanker will be carried out once, unless the result of a survey notes deficiencies, and regardless of any valid PSC certificate kept on board.

Ships at anchor will be approached by the Coast Guard, unless engaged in search and rescue operations.

A PSC Certificate will be issued as evidence of inspection and appropriate action taken, if necessary.

INTERTANKO has written to the Ministero dei Transporti e della Navigazione with copies to: the Paris MoU with a separate copy to its Chairman, the Mediterranean MoU and the Chairman of INTERTANKO Vetting Committee, expressing INTERTANKO major concerns regarding this inspection campaign. The letter can be viewed here.

INTERTANKO has spoken with the Worldscale Association in London regarding compensation for potential delays related to such inspections at anchorage or alongside. Their view is that the cost cannot be reflected in the rate since such inspections may or may not take place, and an inspection cannot be quantified. Therefore such delay will have to be for owner's account unless specifically taken care of in the charterparty.

INTERTANKO will keep members advised.

Contact: Howard Snaith, or
Steinar Kr. Digre,