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Monday, October 15, 2018


INTERTANKO’s Latin American Panel held its second meeting in Houston on Monday, 24 September. The Panel was established in March this year to promote further interaction between the Association and the tanker industry in the region.

Chaired by José Peraza of Heidenreich Marine Caracas, the Panel meeting attracted delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as representatives from the local shipping community in Houston. To fulfil the Panel’s aim of becoming a forum for members to exchange information and views on tanker related developments in the region and in the international arena, the Panel agenda extended over a wide range of topics.


Among the regional issues discussed were the tug boat situation in Venezuelan ports and terminals, tolls and tariffs in Venezuela and Panama, early implementation of AIS in Panama and political developments in South America. Mr. Aurelio Fernandez-Concheso of the maritime law firm Clyde & Co. in Caracas gave a presentation highlighting the difficulties in developing competence and awareness of the maritime industry in the region, due to a reluctance among local authorities and government officials to recognise the potential benefits of developing a legal and commercial framework that would attract foreign investment and local recruitment to the industry.


A copy of Mr. Fernandez-Concheso’s presentation can be downloaded from here.


The Latin American Panel meeting also included an update on several of the items in INTERTANKO’s global work programme, such as maritime security, US tax regulations, ballast water management and revisions of MARPOL. In addition, the Panel identified several areas where the Association will cooperate with local representatives in efforts to develop a dialogue with decision-makers and authorities on local and international issues.


The next meeting of the Latin American Panel will be held in March/April 2003.


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