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Friday, October 19, 2018

Short Sea Tanker Group meets in Hamburg.

A total of 15 people participated in the Short Sea Tanker Group meeting held at the premises of Verband Deutscher Reeder in Hamburg.

A large part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the circumstances surrounding the Prestige incident.  Erik Ranheim gave a presentation on the facts and questions related to the accident.  The PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here. The main messages was that this was an unfortunate incident involving a tanker with a clean record that would nevertheless have considerable consequences for the industry, in the market, and with regard to the credibility of the industry and regulatory initiatives.  It is important that this time everybody involved in the accident is prepared to take all possible measures to find out how the accident had occurred in order to prevent a similar accident happening again.

Another item on the agenda was the lack of a yearly seminar focusing on the short sea tanker trades.  It was decided that INTERTANKO would arrange such a seminar next autumn. A working group would be set up to prepare the seminar, which would include the most important commercial and operational issues related to the short sea tanker trade.

The terminal vetting database was also presented to this group, as short sea tankers spend a great deal of their time in terminals.  It was commented that this was a good initiative and there was interest in following it up.  However, it was also said that to make it work, it was essential that those reporting to the database received feedback so that they could see that the reporting produced concrete results.

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