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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The Associate Members Committee (AMC) meets in London

The AMC will meet on 17 September 2003 around the time of the Executive Committee and Council meetings. The agenda will comprise:

1.              Minutes of the last meeting #11, Washington DC 7 April 2003
2.              Follow-up items from the last meeting
                        2.1 ExxonMobil Demurrage project 
                        2.2 Samsung’s Quality Policy 
                        2.3 Tasks and action plan
3.             Port and Maritime Security at the Port of Rotterdam, a presentation by Peter Mollema (Port of Rotterdam)
4.            Compliance with the ISPS Code, an update by Brad Berman (LISCR).
5.            Human factor in claims, a presentation by Karl Lumbers (UK P&I Club).
6.            Condition of Class and surveys for ships exceeding 15 years, by Karl Lumbers (UK P&I Club).
7.             AMC member election.
8.             Replacement of the AMC Oil Company representative.
9.             Screening of new applications.
10.            Time and place of next meeting
11.             AOB

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen, secretary to the Associate Members Committee


INTERTANKO’s Documentary Committee to meet on 29 October 2003

The Association’s Documentary Committee, under the chairmanship of Mr John R Lean, Botany Bay Shipping Group Pte Ltd., will next meet in London on 29 October 2003.

The Committee is charged with promoting balanced charterparty clauses, producing practical guides on chartering forms and supporting the INTERTANKO Tanker Chartering Seminars. This year the committee has produced model Agency and Pumping clauses and will now be turning its focus to security clauses. The Committee is also working on a new publication, “A Guide to Tanker Bills of Lading” which complements the earlier work “A Guide to Tanker Charterparties”.

Any matters you would like the Committee to consider should be sent to the Committee’s secretary, John Fawcett-Ellis

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis


Do you value your reputation? Sign up for the INTERTANKO Media Awareness Training in Athens, 23 and 24 October

The ability to provide public information in the event of a pollution incident, in other words deal with the media, is a legal requirement under OPA 90. But, even more importantly, a company without a media response capability is a company without the power to protect its reputation. If your reputation is compromised it may be harder or even impossible to employ your ships on first class business.

In the event of TV cameras arriving at your office, will you be able to persuade the media that you are a responsible operator? For example, charterers no longer want to be left standing on the beach explaining why they, a big oil company with a big name, are associated with any accident or oil spill.

The inability to provide an effective media response may damage your business interests. Additionally, the image of the tanker sector has suffered for years as time and again some owners fail to provide an effective public explanation of their part in an accident. Nobody knows more about a ship involved in a casualty than the owner or manager. Yet consistently there is a failure to address communications issues head on. The head-in-the-sand technique does not work. The consequences are an industry repeatedly in the dock and under attack from regulators.

What can you do at a company level?

Firstly ensure that you are trained, that you understand what the issues are and how the media work as well as having an understanding of media response techniques.

This four-hour course is a vital introduction to the realities of media response in a changing world.

The course will be led by MTI Director, Nicholas Brown, Director of the communications, public relations and incident response specialist MTI.

Dates:                23 & 24 October 2003
Cost:                  USD575 per person.

Venue:                Athens – location to be confirmed

Click here to find more information on the course contents and for registration.

Contact: Clarice Tan, telephone +47 22 12 26 64