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Friday, September 21, 2018

Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) Project – INTERTANKO attends 3rd Project Steering Committee

The Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) Project is progressing though final improvement of the demonstration project by the World Bank/Global Environmental Fund is still pending. INTERTANKO’s John Fawcett-Ellis attended the 3rd Project Steering Committee in Jakarta from 13- 15 October 2003.

INTERTANKO is playing a key role to the project as many members have committed to support the project by offering their vessels. Currently some 70 tankers have been committed by members to participate. However, we would like to encourage other members to support the project; members’ vessels eligible are those with AIS and ECDIS installed that regularly transit the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Vessels participating will be supplied with the ENCs and MEH software free of charge.

The support of our members is viewed by the World Bank as an in-kind contribution to the financing of the project which is crucial to the continuation of the project and the funding by the World Bank. The International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) is also playing a key role in assisting with the scope and specification of the survey work to be carried out.

The next stage of the project entails submitting a detailed implementation plan to the World Bank in order to secure their funding. This will cover matters such as the specification of the hydrographic survey of the area of the Straits where the demonstration project will be run, plans for the project management office and team, and the role of the littoral states and Project Steering Committee in overseeing the project. Once the plan has been approved the funding will be available and work can commence on the surveying.

The most important part of the MEH demonstration project is accurately to survey the area of the Straits from One Fathom Bank to Horsburgh Lighthouse (except Pulau Lyu Kecil to Horsburgh Lighthouse which has already been done) and then produce ENCs for use onboard vessels’ ECDIS systems. This should significantly improve safety of navigation in these busy shipping lanes.

The Project Steering Committee will next meet in Putrajaya, Malaysia, in December. It is hoped that at this meeting a memorandum of understanding will be signed by the littoral states, INTERTANKO and the IHO.

To participate or for further information please contact John Fawcett-Ellis