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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The CHIRP Charitable Trust – confidential and voluntary incident reporting


CHIRP is an independent confidential and voluntary reporting programme for people employed or having an active interest in the maritime industry. CHIRP’s primary purpose is to receive confidential reports and, when relevant to represent safety related issues to the respective operational management and/or regulatory agency without revealing the identity of the reporter. Its objects are to carry out research on the causes of incidents and accidents involving maritime modes of transportation through a confidential reporting system, to analyse data and identify trends, and to advise interested bodies on Human Factors issues relevant to maritime transport safety with the aim of the preservation of human life.

The subject of Human Factors deals with all the human elements of people in man-machine systems. It is not confined to the traditional design and layout of equipment and workplaces, but also covers aspects of manpower, organisation, management, allocation of responsibility, automation, communication, skills, training, health, safety, and the prevention of errors or accidents.

The people concerned are all those associated with the total system, not merely the front-end users such as officers on board, but also designers, equipment suppliers, maintainers, support personnel, instructors and so on.

Who can report?

Anyone engaged in, benefiting from or observing maritime activities can submit reports, in confidence, to CHIRP.

How to report

A standard report form appears on the reverse of this sheet. It may be used be used in framing a report. Reports may also be made by letter or facsimile or by e-mail*; telephoned reports are also acceptable and we encourage these to be supported by a written account subsequently to provide fuller details.

What to report

A hazardous incident = an event involving a real or potential exposure to injury, danger or loss, affecting:

  • Yourself
  • Other people
  • Your organisation
  • Other organisations you deal with

Disidentified reports are published regularly in newsletters to raise awareness among professional groups to safety related issues raised through the programme.  CHIRP is not a “whistle blowing” programme.  CHIRP has been in existence in the commercial air transport industry since 1982.  In 2003, it was introduced as a new safety element to the maritime sector as an innovative way of promoting the improvement of its safety culture.  CHIRP for the maritime industry is funded by the Department for Transport.  The independent charitable status of CHIRP ensures its impartiality in dealing with all reports received; no matter which organisation may become involved in subsequently remedying any report problems.

Reporters' identities are kept confidential. Personal details are not retained and are returned to the reporter on closure of their report. The information provided is made available, with the approval of the reporter, and in a disidentified form to those who can take action to remedy the problem. Important information gained through reports, after being disidentified, is also made as widely as possible, principally through the publications FEEDBACK, GA FEEDBACK and Cabin Crew FEEDBACK with the aim of improving safety standards.

Incidents/Events Can Include:

  • Errors
  • Individual performance
  • Operating/Maintenance/Support procedures
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Unsafe practices or design

What not to report

  • Incidents or events with no safety content
  • Issues involving conflicts of personalities
  • Industrial relations and/or terms and conditions of employment problems

When to report

  • When you are concerned to protect your identity (please note that anonymous reports are not accepted)
  • When you wish others to benefit from an important "Lesson Learned"
  • When other reporting procedures are not appropriate or are not available
  • When you have exhausted company/regulatory reporting procedures without the issue having been addressed

Report Form

The report Form is attached herewith for reference.

Additional Information and CHIRP Website

There are many pages of information on the CHIRP website . CHIRP has issues 3 FEEDBACKs containing the reports received. They can be downloaded from the website.


*CHIRP does not recommend the use of non-encrypted e-mail systems for submitting sensitive information.


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Confidential Tel (24 hrs): +44 (0) 1252 393348 or Freefone (UK only) 0808 100 3237 and Confidential Fax: +44 (0) 1252 394290