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Saturday, October 20, 2018

INTERTANKO canvasses members' support for cost benchmarking pool

INTERTANKO has been encouraged to look into setting up a cost benchmarking pool for members. The idea is to set up a pool among members where only those that contribute to the pool will obtain information. The individual contributions from members on their costs will of course be kept strictly confidential, and figures will be presented to the members of the pool only in the form of average cost figures, cost ranges and graphs.

The precondition for setting up such a pool will be that we obtain sufficient support from members. We would therefore ask any members interested in joining such a pool to contact Erik Ranheim . Any opinions on the matter would also be welcome. The administration of the pool is not estimated to require extra manning or incur great costs. If there is sufficient interest, a web solution will probably be developed to administer the pool.

The pool members will be asked to fill in a clearly defined, simple form on costs split into the main items such as refit/survey costs, extraordinary maintenance, spares, other repairs, manning, consumed provisions on board each vessel, insurance, administration, stores, lubes, and sundries.

The degree of detail into which the costs will be split can be decided by the pool members.

Contact: Erik Ranheim