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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Avoid disputes and misunderstanding with INTERTANKO's new 'Tanker Bills of Lading – a practical guide'

A dispute arises between an owner and a time-charter operator over a cargo identified in the bills of lading with a destination of Singapore. However, en route the charterer requests the master to make an intermediate port call to load another parcel of cargo on top, and then discharge at an entirely different port.

What should be done in this situation?

  • What should happen to the bills of lading if a full cargo is to be split up into different parcels and discharged at different ports?
  • What if the charterer wants to change the destination of the cargo as marked on the bills of lading? Can it do this?
  • What if owners are presented with a bill of lading that turns out to be fraudulent even if there was no way of telling this on the face of the bill?
  • Which forms of indemnity should be used?
  • How can a bill of lading act as a receipt for the goods, a document of title and evidence of the contract of carriage?

Tanker bills of lading are one of the oldest documents in use in shipping today, yet they are still rarely fully understood and their importance has not been diminished by the internet and electronic communications. In the tanker trades, conflicting perceptions of the parties’ rights often give rise to serious disputes and misunderstandings.

To address this issue, INTERTANKO has produced a new Guide ‘Tanker Bills of Lading – a practical guide’. The Guide tackles the subject from the tanker operator’s perspective and describes both law and practice including analysis and explanation of terms used in shipping and banking practice.

Published in September, INTERTANKO’s new publication is an invaluable source of reference for those that have to tackle problems concerning bills of lading. It is complementary to the successful INTERTANKO publication ‘A Guide to Tanker Charters’.

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