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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

MD talks in Singapore of improved performance and a commitment to continuous improvement

A large gathering of the Singapore Shipping Association heard INTERTANKO MD Dr Peter Swift speak of the world’s dependence on oil and tanker shipping, and the commitment of tanker owners to safe, secure, reliable and efficient shipping operations. He illustrated his talk, entitled “Oil Shipping Today” , with examples of improved operational performance, investment in new ships and market rate development.

Turning to the principal challenges facing the industry he singled out: 

-   the need to understand the political environment and expectations of society today, citing also the principal environmental challenges;

-   the importance of maintaining effective international regulation on a global basis, and ensuring adherence to international maritime law;

-   the understandable attention being paid to the role of flag states and classification societies in applying consistent and appropriate standards to all shipping;

-   the major concerns of tanker owners and other shipping interests in the increasing trend to criminalise seafarers and others;

-   the owners’ drive to involve all stakeholders in a commitment to continuous improvement in their particular sector or sphere of influence. 

Stressing the importance of governments ratifying conventions, engaging in realistic dialogue with industry and other stakeholders, and championing the cause of international rather than regional legislation, he acknowledged the constructive approach taken by the Singapore MPA. 

A copy of the presentation accompanying his talk may be downloaded from the INTERTANKO web site  

Contact: Peter Swift