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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Athens Tanker Event – Industry Challenges – the Human Element

The session, "Industry Challenges – the Human Element" placed focus on such issues as interaction between humans and with technical systems, and on which elements are the guiding principles that cause such interactions to function (competence, attitude, motivation, happy and healthy lifestyle, safe and secure working environment, self-actualisation and moral values). 

One speaker placed focus on the human factor in relationship to marine claims and presented relevant statistics including what risks onboard tankers are effected most by human errors, viz. mainly cargo- and crew-related claims. Interesting data was furthermore provided showing manning levels on various types and sizes of ships under different flags. 

A presentation focused on the additional responsibilities being placed on the crew through the new regulatory regime on Maritime Security, i.e. the ISPS Code, and reference was made to such contributing elements as continuous gangway watch, the need for additional documentation and notices, visa requirements, and to ID issues. Access to ships, crew access to shore, and access to ships by owners' representatives, service personnel and seafarers' social institutions were also included. 

From the port agency side, the focus was placed on the added time currently needed to service the vessel under the new security regime, the added responsibilities for port agents, on penalties and liabilities, the added risk of going out of business and increased training requirements. 

From the environmental view, HELMEPA focused on the ever-increasing complications of ship operations and invited INTERTANKO to help in the general lobbying effort to encourage children and prospective seafarers to preserve the environment, i.e. the clean seas. 

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen