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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saint Petersburg conclusions on shipping energy from Russia

Last week’s Mare Forum conference in Saint Petersburg on the challenges and opportunities offered by Russia’s energy and energy shipping business, which was officially supported by INTERTANKO, has published some of its conclusions and some of its suggestions for policy makers. 

  1. The demand for more transparency and good governance in Russian business and law.  
  2. The need for reform of Russian port procedures to embrace electronic data transfer and less bureaucracy on the ground in port facilitation.  
  3. The need for owners and charterers to acknowledge the fears of coastal states and not wait for “regulation by disaster”.  
  4. The necessity for owners to train, retain and provide a career for well-trained and experienced officers capable of operating in difficult ship operating conditions.  
  5. The need for charterers recognise their role in the chain of responsibility and have realistic expectations.  
  6. The importance of a “friendly” legal and political climate for shipping with a speedy resolution to problems of flag, the second register and tonnage tax.  
  7. A recognition of the need for investment in ports to be accompanied by investment in icebreaker support, with advanced, powerful craft capable of working with large tankers.  
  8. Some of the lessons from this conference, which was chiefly to do with advanced, high-performance ships in a high quality sector, can be “filtered down” to other types of shipping in the Russian trades which have yet to engage in a quality upgrade. 

Further conclusions drawn from the conference sessions can be found here. 

Contact: Bill Box