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Sunday, September 23, 2018

New leadership team for INTERTANKO's Hellenic Forum

Meeting earlier this week in Athens, INTERTANKO's Hellenic Forum elected as its new Chairman Emmanuel Vordonis of Thenamaris Ships Management to succeed Ceres Hellenic's Nicholas G. Fistes, who held the position for three years. Mr. Vordonis will be the Hellenic Forum's third Chairman.  

Mr. Fistes will remain as a Vice Chairman alongside Costis Kertsikoff of Eletson Corporation and Spyros Polemis of Seacrest Shipping. As he accepted the position at this week’s Forum meeting, Vordonis noted INTERTANKO’s extensive Hellenic membership base and expressed his intention to increase the ability of the Forum to support the Association by acting as a coordinator and communicator from within his chairmanship team. This type of collective thinking from the Vice Chairmen, the Hellenic Committee and the Forum as a whole would ensure a clear expression of priorities and concerns of INTERTANKO's Hellenic members.  

Since the Hellenic Forum's inception in 1997 by the late Captain Erric Kertsikoff of Eletson Corporation, it has become a strong pillar of INTERTANKO's constitution, acting as the voice for nearly one quarter of INTERTANKO's membership. Speaking as the Chairman of the Forum, Vordonis stressed that "the key to ensuring the continuing success of this Forum within the Association is in the creation of a broad and strong collective to enable the exchange of new and fresh ideas. In this way, it can make a contribution of significance to all INTERTANKO members as well as to the whole tanker industry". 

Emmanuel Vordonis is a member of both INTERTANKO's Executive Committee and Council. He is Executive Director at Thenamaris Ships Management Inc. in Athens. As Chairman of the Hellenic Forum, Vordonis will also be Chairman of the Hellenic Tanker Committee, a smaller body of 12 Forum members elected as the governing body of the Forum.  

Contact: Tim Wilkins