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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) focuses on ‘active interaction’ with the Association

INTERTANKO’s Associate Members Committee (AMC) focused part of its recent London meeting on how it could more effectively engage the Association’s associate members in active interaction with INTERTANKO on their current issues and concerns; enhance the interest of associate members in attending INTERTANKO events; make better use of the international and high level forum that INTERTANKO’s overall membership offers.  

The AMC Chairman, Iain Shaw, has undertaken to make a written approach to all associate members highlighting the opportunities and benefits open to them and inviting feedback on “current matters that keep them busy”. Hopefully this will lead to a more active dialogue where INTERTANKO and its various service facilities can become more frequently used. The AMC has established a Mission Statement for the purpose of reviewing its own purpose and making this better known within the membership. This document will be attached to the AMC Chairman’s message to the associate members. 

The role of AMC members at the forthcoming Tanker Event in Singapore was also discussed, and how the total AMC expertise can be utilised to enhance the value of  conference sessions. A separate external session is being considered, aimed at interesting associate members in particular.  

The training issue was revisited. Examples showed that practical training is often lacking and that theoretical studies can prove inadequate to solve practical problems. The AMC plans to include a focus on training opportunities and needs in its planned approach to the associate members. 

The P&I representative on the Committee gave a presentation on pollution claims which focused on trends of pollution claims, causes of pollution (human error or hardware failure), size/type/age of vessel. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation. 

It was agreed to broaden a proposal to conduct a risk assessment of Arctic LNG transport into a more general risk assessment guideline on how to reduce the risks related to Arctic LNG and other forms of liquid transport. AMC will liaise with the Environmental and/or Insurance Committee on this subject. 

Click here to view the agenda. 

Contact:Gunnar A. Knudsen