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Sunday, August 19, 2018

No. 20/2006

  • 9 June - INTERTANKO's Insurance & Legal Committee meeting, London
  • 31 August – Documentary Committee meeting, Stavanger (tbc)
  • 22-23 September – INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee meeting, Spetses
  • 3 October – Vetting Seminar, London
  • 4 October – Vetting Committee meeting, London
  • 14-15 November – Council meeting, London
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  • Extended and expanded 6th edition of 'A Guide to the Vetting Process' now available
  • Commentary on SHELLVOY 6 just published
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    MSC 81 - Goal Based Standards - progress report from the IMO

    The 81st session of the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 81), which was held this week, has agreed and continued its work in developing Goal Based New Construction Standards (GBS) for oil tankers and bulk carriers. MSC 81 has approved Tier I (goals) and Tier II (functional requirements) subject to further adjustments that may become necessary in the process of finalising Tier III...... More


    MSC 81 - Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for Seawater Ballast Tanks approved by IMO

    The 81st session of the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 81) has finalised and approved amendments to the SOLAS regulations II-1/3-2 and XII/6.3 that mandate a Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for Dedicated Seawater Ballast Tanks in All Types of Ships and Double-Side Skin Spaces of Bulk Carriers . Click here for a copy of the final draft of the provisional text of amended SOLAS...... More


    MSC 81 - Inter Industry Group chemical/product tanker accident reports discussed

    As advised in our article in Weekly NEWS No. 18/2006 of 5 May 2006 the joint Inter Industry Group report concerning accidents onboard chemical tankers and small chemical tankers was discussed this week at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 81).   The MSC concluded that the recommendations listed in paragraphs 13-17 of the IIG submission (Document MSC 81/8/1) will be referred to the...... More


    MSC 81 - INTERTANKO submission - Access to ships' certificates on line

    Further to our submission to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) on access to ships' certificates on line, INTERTANKO also made a similar submission MSC81-24-9 to the 81 st session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 81).   The submission summarises our support for the MSC to consider whether access by port state control officers to the information on certificates of ships...... More


    MSC 81 - draft SOLAS-text on LRIT and Performance Standards and Functional Requirements

    A draft SOLAS text on long range identification and tracking (LRIT), together with Performance Standards and Functional Requirements, which have been discussed at various sessions and correspondence groups in the past, have again been reviewed by a working group during this week's meeting of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).    The draft SOLAS text (not yet approved by the Committee at the...... More


    MSC 81 - Proposed amendments to regulations for maritime safety

    Several amendments to various IMO Instruments/Codes are expected to be adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at the end of this week. However, by the time this article goes to print the final report of MSC 81 will not have been approved. Therefore, a full report will be included in next week's Weekly NEWS. Meanwhile, we can inform you of some of the issues which have been discussed, an...... More


    IMO – validity of current IOPP Certificates after 1 January 2007

    The IMO has issued MEPC.1/Circ.513 addressing the problem posed by the expected entry into force on 1 January 2007 of the revised MARPOL Annex I on ships still carrying the International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificates issued under the previous Annex I.    The Circular provides that, unless documentation is required to be re-issued as a consequence of a ship having to comply with a...... More


    U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee Held

    The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) held its spring meeting last week in Philadelphia in the U.S. Agenda items from the full committee meeting included a report from the CTAC Hazardous Cargo Transportation Security (HCTS) and Outreach Sub-committees. Included under the umbrella of the Outreach Sub-committee are the Barge Emissions and Placarding and the...... More


    Tour Pour La Mer 2006 a resounding success!

    Tour Pour la Mer 2006 was a resounding success with 270 cyclists from the shipping industry completing the ride from Greenwich and Chatham to Dover last Friday 12 May and going on to ride a Tour Le Touquet on the Saturday.    The weather was warm and sunny on the Friday, making the final approach past Dover Castle high on the white cliffs and on down to the seafront quite spectacular. Saturday...... More


    Increasing net oil exports from the Former Soviet Union (FSU)

    In March 2006 net oil exports from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) amounted to 8.16 mbd, the highest ever recorded, with the biggest increase coming from the Black Sea (2.46 mbd). Crude oil exports from the Artic and routes other than the Black and Baltic Seas and the Druzba Pipeline were less than half-a-million barrels per day. Some 2.5 mbd of the total exports were oil products, about one...... More







    Lloyd's List, 16 May 2006 – Last Word at large at the Tour Pour La Mer Lloyd's List, 18 May 2006 – Being good is no longer good enough Lloyd's List, 18 May 2006 – Failure to follow guidelines is most significant cause of  chemship blasts ... More