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Saturday, October 20, 2018

IACS Chairman visits INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO London Office

Chairman and President of the China Classification Society, Li Kejun, who took over the chair of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) on 1 July 2006, visited INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO’s London Office this week.  

Discussions explored several areas in which IACS and INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO and other Round Table associations could continue - and where appropriate increase - their joint efforts to improve safety and environmental protection of transportation at sea.  

Particular attention was given to areas in which ship owners and classification societies should take initiatives for further improvement of the quality of surveys on both new ships and ships in service, the uniform and efficient implementation of the IACS Unified Regulations and the transparency of the results of such assessments.  

There has been an exchange of views on the suggested draft amendments by the European Commission to its Class Directive and it was agreed that IACS and INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO share similar opinions and concerns with regard to these proposals. IACS, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO also agreed that one priority matter would be to monitor a smooth and uniform implementation of the new Common Structural Rules for tankers and bulk carriers.  

The quality and performance of Flag States is another topic which shipowners and class place high on their list of priorities. It was noted that IACS members are running a programme to assist Flag States to improve their performance.  

Finally, the discussion covered the positive path of cooperation between the IACS Quality Secretariat, IACS Quality Committee and the IACS Quality Scheme's Advisory Committee, with membership from shipowners' associations, port state control and P&I Clubs. It was concluded that even though shipowners and IACS still have different opinions on certain specific issues, their relationship has matured to such a degree that this divergence in opinions does not impact the good cooperation and professional relationship between the two.  

The meeting was attended by Li Kejun, IACS Chairman; Richard Leslie, IACS Permanent Secretary; Roger Holt (INTERCARGO), Peter Swift and Dragos Rauta (INTERTANKO). 

Contacts: Peter Swift  Dragos Rauta