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Friday, November 16, 2018

No. 33/2006




Stricter oil spill response planning proposed for sensitive regions along the Californian coast

A Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) has been issued by the California Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response. The proposals increase the level of planning and contingency required to manage spills in sensitive regions along the Californian coast and so increase the level of preparedness required from Oil Spill Response Organisations (OSROs).   A main element in the new proposal is the...... More


Den Norske Veritas (DNV) issues Master's check list

Den Norske Veritas (DNV) has issued a check list for Masters with a view to:   - improving safety, reducing losses and breakdowns; - enhancing on board maintenance; - aiding compliance with applicable safety, security, and pollution prevention requirements; - avoiding off-hire, port state detention and targeting.   This list includes the most common and critical deficiencies, based on recent...... More


Please check your access to INTERTANKO's web site

On 15 August we implemented a synchronisation of users of the INTERTANKO website to correct data inconsistencies. Members are therefore requested to check their ability to access/log in to the members' sections of the site. If you are unable to enter our web site with your old log-in, please contact . You may specify your own log-in if you have a preference, by providin...... More


What is driving the tanker market?

VLCC rates have increased by some USD 30,000 per day since the Prudhoe Bay shut-down announcement, even though the reduction in supply turned out to be only half of what was first announced.   It does not appear to be the increase in oil demand that is driving the tanker market - the demand from Europe, Japan and Korea is flat and the U.S. oil demand increase only marginal. Only oil demand in...... More



  • 31 August – Documentary Committee meeting, Stavanger
  • 14-16 September - Tripartite Meeting, Seoul
  • 19 September - Associate Members Committee (AMC) meeting, London
  • 21 September – Bunker Sub-committee meeting, Athens
  • 22-23 September – INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee meeting, Spetses
  • 25-26 September – INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting, Singapore
  • 27 September – Asian Regional Panel, Singapore
  • 27 September – Members’ Reception, Singapore
  • 2 October – Vetting Seminar, London 3 October – Vetting Committee meeting, London
  • 3 October – Tanker Chartering Seminar, Mumbai
  • 23 October – Insurance & Legal Committee meeting, London
  • 2-3 November - World Shipping (China) Summit, Shenzhen
  • 8 November – Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, London
  • 13-14 November – INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting, London
  • 14-15 November – INTERTANKO Council meeting, London
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  • How to order INTERTANKO’s Publications – 3 easy ways
  • ‘A Guide to the Vetting Process' 6th Edition
  •  ‘Commentary on SHELLVOY 6’
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