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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum covers a lot of ground

This week's meeting in Athens of INTERTANKO's Hellenic Forum saw around 50 members primarily from Greece, but also from Cyprus, Turkey and Italy, gathered in Athens for a day of information and discussion.


The Association's Director for Regulatory Affairs and the Americas, Joe Angelo, gave members a run down of U.S. legal, environmental and maritime security issues as well as on port state control.


Managing Director Dr Peter Swift gave an update on the tanker fleet development, on tanker incidents and information sharing. He also talked on air emissions and their effects, gave an overview of the European Union and provided the latest information on the revision process for MARPOL Annex VI. He also talked about the upcoming Council meeting and encouraged contributions to the Council Agenda. Information was also given on the Maritime Industry Foundation.


Communications and Public Relations Manager Bill Box, who is also the local area manager, gave an update on the Houston Tanker Event and Poseidon Challenge, reminded members of how INTERTANKO's structure works, and encouraged the use of the Association's Terminal Vetting Database. He also gave an outline of concerns over fines and penalties in the Ukraine over ballast water exchange – something that has affected a number of local operators.


All these presentations can also be found in the 'INTERTANKO Publications' section of INTERTANKO's web site at:


Contact: Bill Box