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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting Report

This year’s second Executive Committee Meeting was held on 26 March 2006 in Houston prior to the INTERTANKO Council Meeting.  The Committee discussed policy items on the Council Agenda, under the Chairmanship of Stephen van Dyck, and outlined recommendations to the Council on key issues.


The Executive Committee reaffirmed its unanimous decision to recommend Nicholas Fistes to be the next INTERTANKO Chairman for Council election.


Among the items discussed were:  Ship Recycling; Revision of MARPOL Annex VI; IACS’ Early Warning System (EWS); Panama Canal Toll Increases; Best Management Practices to Control and Reduce Inadvertent Cargo Vapour Emissions.


The Committee also discussed the current composition of the four Regional Panels (Asian Regional Panel; Hellenic Forum; Latin American Panel; North American Panel). The Executive Committee recognises the valuable contribution of the Regional Panels in terms of providing a forum for members to deliberate and provide their feedback to the various INTERTANKO issues.  Panels also play a useful role in keeping the membership informed of the Association’s activities. However, they do not have any formal or executive role in the governance of INTERTANKO – this is primarily in the remit of the Executive Committee and the Council. Further, since a significant portion of INTERTANKO’s members have no direct access to, or involvement with, the existing Panels, there is value in re-examining the current Panel arrangements. The Executive Committee has therefore established a subgroup within the Committee which will look at the various issues including standardising the Terms of References of the four Panels, and if changes are recommended these will be brought to the next meeting of Council.


The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in Oslo on 11-12 June 2007.


Contact:  Minerva Alfonso