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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Analysing the benefits of onboard computer based training (CBT) – free trial disks available from the INTERTANKO Secretariat

Onboard computer-based training (CBT), as part of a blend of learning events, when integrated into a properly managed competence development system, should be able to deliver measurable results in safety and operational proficiency, and cost savings. When used on board, the learner (crew) is accessing CBT close to the point where acquired skills will be applied thereby facilitating knowledge transfer.


The last few years have seen a massive investment by tanker owners in new ships - some USD 50bn last year alone. But without a parallel investment in human resources, the hardware investment may lose some of its gloss.


The newly elected INTERTANKO Chairman, Nicholas Fistes, highlights crew training as one of the priorities for his chairmanship. “The easiest way to get seafarers’ attention is when they are at sea, not when they are ashore during their precious leave time.”


INTERTANKO has been encouraging its members to provide cadet berths on their ships, and to provide for such accommodation when designing newbuildings. The Association encourages the provision of training facilities on ships – desks, chairs, manuals, DVD equipment. Instead of teaching ashore, training officers would join the ships for training trips. Onboard training is a step closer to implementation, making sure that crews are not only trained but that they can apply what they learn in on-job training. The ship is the best environment to ensure that training is effective and procedures are implemented. Providing quality training is part of attracting and retaining the best people to run and maintain the industry’s valuable assets. The best risk management strategy the industry can have for these assets is a secure future supply of good seafarers.


In line with this initiative, the IT Committee would like to encourage members who have not used onboard CBT as a learning tool to evaluate the free, trial disks available from the Secretariat. Please e-mail the Secretary to the IT Committee, Minerva Alfonso, for a free copy of the disks.


Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso