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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

INTERTANKO presents IT route to safety, operational proficiency and cost savings

INTERTANKO’s intervention at last week’s Maritime Communications & Technology Conference provided a macro analysis of the current state of the industry, and how communications and technologies, when properly and effectively implemented, can reduce operational complexity, thereby delivering measurable results in safety and operational proficiency, and cost savings.


In a paper entitled 'Leveraging Technologies To Reduce Operational Complexity and Gain Competitive Edge', the Secretary to INTERTANKO's IT Committee, Minerva Alfonso, explored why the rapid expansion of the world fleet, the critical issue of the short supply of quality crew, and the recent upward trend of incidents (roughly 80% of which are attributable in some way to human error) call for new ways of thinking and new methodologies in corporate processes.


She also discussed the role the Association plays in providing leadership to the tanker industry in ensuring the safe, environmentally sound and efficient seaborne transportation of oil, gas and chemical products.


Click here to view Ms. Alfonso’s presentation.


Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso