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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

INTERTANKO’s message to Korean Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs

Whilst the speedy return home for the Hebei Two would be welcome to the shipping industry, their convictions for pollution offences remain a serious concern. The technical assessment of the casualty and oil pollution response appears to be fundamentally flawed when compared to internationally accepted standards of pollution and casualty response, for example the use of inert gas.


In this regard, INTERTANKO’s Chairman, Nicholas G. Fistes, has also written in response to a message received from the Korean Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs. His message not only refers to achieving the liberty of the Hebei Two to return home, but also to the pollution fines.


His message annexes a copy of the statement of INTERTANKO’s Marine Director previously seen in the Weekly NEWS. Members will recall this statement was prepared for the Supreme Court to address the technical issues raised by the Hebei Two’s right and proper response to the incident.


INTERTANKO remains committed to the Hebei Two cause in particular but also in general to halting the disturbing trend to criminalise seafarers in the event of a maritime casualty. Indeed this concern was a common feature of many presentations during the Tokyo Tanker Event.


Contact: Michele White or Bill Box