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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

2nd Edition of Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book – e-book available

This best-selling and completely essential new 2nd edition of the 'Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book (Part 1 - Machinery space operations) is now available to download as an e-book..


The Guide contains: (a) instructions and interpretations on how to properly record all related operations as per MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, Regulation 20, (b) list of operations to be recorded, (c) frequently found errors or mistakes, (d) detailed examples for all related operations.


First published in 2004, this second edition, is structured to facilitate integration in the document management system of any individual INTERTANKO member. It can also be used as a training tool for seafarers. The Guide will be also available in printed format at the end of May.


INTERTANKO’s new e-book service is designed so our readers can collate and manage their INTERTANKO e-books in one place. It is especially useful for access from vessels. All our e-books have advanced research and print functions and can be unlocked by internet or e-mail connection.


Click here to download the new 2nd edition of the 'Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book (Part 1 - Machinery space operations)' e-book price USD 40 (members) USD 80 (non-members).


Other e-books available to download are the 'Guidance Booklet on Seafarer's Hours and Rest (ILO 180 MLC 2006)' e-book price: USD 40 (members) USD 80 (non-members) and 'Guidance Manual for the Inspection and Maintenance of Tanker Structures' e-book price USD 75 (members) USD 120 (non-members).


Click here to go to the INTERTANKO e-book library.


If you have any questions or need some help to download the e-books, please contact Sally Woulfe email: who will be happy to assist you.


Contact: Sally Woulfe