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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Associate Members Committee (AMC) discusses value for money and liaison with other INTERTANKO committees

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) conducted its second and last meeting for 2009 at INTERTANKO's office in London this week.


In light of the terminations of associate membership received by the Association early this year, and against the backdrop of the depressed market conditions, the Committee saw the need to address the issue of enhancing the value of associate membership.


There was broad agreement that a key matter is to raise further the quality of information which Associate Members would find useful. Ease of access to such information on the INTERTANKO web site and improved overview and navigability will be targets. Likewise new functionalities should be explored whereby Associate Members can be targeted as automatic recipients of certain types of information. The expansion of adding further "interests" which Associate Members can "subscribe" to will obviously be beneficial.


To develop an overview of issues, all AMC's members will provide a list of their most central fields of interest. Bearing in mind the multiplicity of business environments represented in the AMC there is every reason to expect that such an overview will become highly topical and add value for web users.


The AMC will continue to invite the Associate Members to provide input to the agenda and to signal interest to attend an AMC meeting, time permitting, in order to give a presentation on an issue of interest.


There were further talks on how to stimulate interaction with other INTERTANKO Committees and Panels and how such an idea can be made interesting to all parties concerned.


In order to level the playing field Port Agents invited INTERTANKO's Members to emphasise the need for quality agents and that quality certified agents should be preferred. It would be expected that the issue of adequate remuneration for agents would gradually find its solution hand in hand with a recognition that quality would have to be paid for. It was stated that over 50% of U.S. based agents now hold such certification and the number is growing.


The AMC expressed a wish to contribute to the 2010 AGM/Tanker Event agenda and hopes this can be accommodated. The AMC Secretary will stay in contact with the Conference Organiser for this purpose.


The AMC screened the one application for associate membership received and recommended it for Council approval.


After the meeting, the AMC was pleased to contribute four brief presentations, all related to "Risk Management during Difficult Times", at an ensuing meeting and luncheon for INTERTANKO Members.


  • Karl Lumbers from the U.K. P&I Club presented views related to claims. Click here to view his presentation.
  • Monica Bonvalet representing the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille explained the security systems of the port. Click here to view her presentation.
  • John DeRose, replacing AMC member Ralph Rohena, presented the Oil Company outlook including INTERTANKO's Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS). Click here to view his presentation;
  • Denis Petropoulos, representing the London shipbroker community, presented the shipbrokers' views. Click here for his presentation.


Gunnar A. Knudsen