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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Members' Seminar, Singapore, considers vetting, marine and environmental issues

INTERTANKO held a successful Members'  seminar in Singapore earlier this week, focusing on the work of INTERTANKO' s Vetting, Chemical and Environmental Committees.


Over 45 Members attended the morning seminar, which was opened by INTERTANKO' s Managing Director, Dr. Peter Swift, who provided an update on greenhouse gas emissions, piracy and the issue of facilitation payments, among other key issues. INTERTANKO' s Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Tim Wilkins, followed up Swift' s opening presentation with a more detailed review of the vetting, chemical and environmental issues.


The wide range of issues ranged from an introduction to the Confidential Accident Reporting Platform (CARP), to inert gas systems on new tankers, as well as the availability of ballast water treatment systems adequate to meet the needs of the tanker industry. The issues stimulated a good discussion among the Members, who shared experiences in using many of the benchmarking tools developed by the Vetting Committee.


Swift' s and Wilkins'  slides are available here:


Greenhouse gas emissions (Dr Peter M. Swift) – click here to view.

Update on current issues (Dr Peter M. Swift) – click here to view.

Update on environmental issues (Tim Wilkins) – click here to view.

Vetting Committee work plan items and chemical update (Tim Wilkins) – click here to view.


Contact: Tim Wilkins