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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ship Finance Seminar, Singapore

Singapore-based Members gathered this week for a panel discussion on ship finance chaired by Bengt Hermelin of Samco Shipholding. The successful event brought together three of Singapore's leading ship financiers to provide their views on the ship finance market going into 2010 and take questions from INTERTANKO Members.


Peter Illingworth of DVB Bank opened the session with an update and overview of the current credit crisis and its effect on the ship finance sector. (Click here to download his presentation.) Illingworth illustrated the general trend of reducing the shipping exposure within the banking market and how this would affect the lending criteria of the banks going forward.


Felix Ulbricht of Deutsche Bank provided his views on the market and alluded to a more positive outlook for the shipping sector, while Charles Reineke of SMBC (click here to download presentation) also suggested that for the Asian markets the medium term outlook was relatively positive in terms of maintaining their current growth.


During consideration of the three presentations, discussion turned to the impact of Chinese banks on the ship finance market and the potential for a sustained and expanding loan market in Asia in general. Regulating the banker portfolios was also an issue covered, which raised discussion on the impact on the borrowers of the Basel requirements for banks' lending criteria.


INTERTANKO is grateful to Bengt Hermelin, Peter Illingworth, Felix Ulbricht and Charles Reineke for their valuable input and time given to participate in this session.


Contact: Tim Wilkins